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Printed Narrative - Advanced techniques in Etching/Intaglio


Explore printmaking as a way to shape a story. 

How can a single image tell a story? How does this story represent you? What are the story’s visual elements?

Etching has a particular relationship with stories and narrative illustration. During this workshop we will explore the various ways in which we can illustrate and develop a storyline.


The course is designed for artists and amateur printmakers with a little experience and background in Etching/Intaglio. 

During the workshop, we will explore advanced aquatint techniques for creating rich tones and values (sugar lift, spit bite, soap ground, etc.) as well as texture and depth to your visual materials. Working with zinc etching plates, each participant will be working on their individual project focusing on developing a narrative image or a series of images.



  • Students are required to have knowledge of the various procedures of line etching (hard ground, soft ground etc).

  • Bring with you research materials and/or images to work from: sketches, drawings, magazine clippings, books, photographs – anything that’ll inspire you.

  • Basic tools provided (tools, solvents, acids and inks), all you need is clothes that you can dirty and/or an apron.

  • PVC plates,  Zinc plates (A5 or smaller) and printing paper are to be provided by the workshop.

Target group: experienced and advanced

Languages: English, French, Hebrew and a bit of German

Free admission

03rd + 04th December 2022

Saturday: 11 - 14 / Sunday: 11 - 16

Zielgruppe: erfahrene und fortgeschrittene Lernende

Sprachen: Englisch, Französisch, Hebräisch und ein bisschen Deutsch

Freier Eintritt

03. - 04. December 2022

Samstag: 11 - 14 / Sonntag: 11 - 16

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