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Workshops and Round Table

Garden Print Fest is a Printmaking Festival and a joint project by four women, artists and printmakers based in Berlin. Join us for a weekend exchanging knowledge and community building around our common love of print


 29. + 30.July 2023 

 07. + 08.Oct 2023 

 Free Admission

Make your own Paper

Why throw paper packaging away when it can be transformed into beautiful hand-crafted paper? 

In this hands-on workshop, Zahra will show us how empty bags of flour, letters and even old receipts can be up-cycled to make new paper. We'll also experiment with adding natural colour, e.g. turmeric and more.

Saturday morning 10 - 13

language: English/Deutsch




Wir lassen uns vom Garten inspirieren und gestalten farbenfrohe Drucke. Dafür kombinieren wir Monotypie und Letterpress; wir zeichnen Formen, drucken Strukturen und setzen Buchstaben zu Mustern zusammen.

Die entstandenen Drucke fügen wir am Schluß zu einer Collage zusammen.

Sunday morning 10 - 13

language: Deutsch/English



Outdoor Engraving

Create postcard like prints inspired by the natural and urban surroundings of our studio. We will use re-purposed TetraPack and recycled plastics to engrave our designs directly from observation, cut and print on paper with our Intaglio press.

Saturday afternoon 14 - 17

language: English/French/Hebrew



Nature printing / Naturselbstdruck

We will collect plants from the garden, ink them and print directly on paper/ tote bags and T-shirts. A printmaking press will be set up in the garden as well as clotheslines to dry our prints outside.

Join for a 3 hour workshop and expect to get some ink on your fingers! 

Sunday afternoon 14 - 17

language: Deutsch/English



Dear participants, our workshops are fully booked! We are now only taking registrations for the waiting list for the workshops in October 7th and 8th.


All our workshops are FAMILY FRIENDLY - Children from 7 years old

and up accompanied by their parents are welcome


Join all 4 workshops  - Feel free to ask us about the whole weekend!!


tins of ink.png

Druckfrisch 2023
Round Table

On the occasion of Garden Print Fest we welcome you to the opening of our yearly studio exhibition "Druckfrisch 2023" to meet the artists new comers and old timers active in our print workshop. 

Vernissage: 09.06 at 19:00 

On Saturday evening  29th July, we cordially invite you to our Round Table discussion outside in the open air, have a drink, discuss printmaking and build bridges across disciplines between artists and printmaking studios in Berlin. 

Round Table discussion : 29.07 at 19:00 

Garden Print Fest is part of the DRAUSSENSTADT initiative, funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe and the Foundation for Cultural Training and Cultural Advice

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