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Urban Etching - Introduction to Etching/Intaglio


The Urban space as seen through the eyes of a printmaker. 

How do we understand our urban surroundings? What social/cultural backdrop can we identify in them? And how can we as printmakers use those characteristics and illustrate them in our work?

Designed for beginners and those with some experience, the aim of this course is to introduce each participant to the world of Etching while taking a new look at our urban surroundings.

The workshop begins with a short introduction to Etching/Intaglio, after which, we will examine our respective neighbourhoods with documents/images/drawing each participant will have brought to the studio and create an assemblage that will serve as the sketch for our etching series.

During the workshop, each participant will learn how to prepare zinc plates for etching, understand the basics of hard ground etching and print a series based on the urban views assembled in the studio.

The workshop requires a basic knowledge of drawing/image production skills (photography, collage...etc) and a love for process and learning.


  • No previous printing skills are required, everyone is invited to join!

  • Basic tools provided (tools, solvents, acids and inks), all you need is clothes that you can dirty and/or an apron.

  • PVC plates,  Zinc plates (one Zinc plate - size A5) and printing paper (one paper - size 70x100cm) are provided by the workshop.





Target group: beginners and experienced

Languages: English, French, Hebrew and a bit of German

Free admission

05th + 6th  November 2022

Saturday: 11 - 14 / Sunday: 11 - 16

Zielgruppe: Beginner:innen und Fortgeschrittene

Sprachen: Englisch, Französisch, Hebräisch und ein bisschen Deutsch

Freier Eintritt

05. - 06. November 2022

Samstag: 11- 14 / Sonntag: 11 - 16

Sold Out

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